Sleep Apnea

Loud Snorers

Can bear the brunt of bad jokes, but in reality snoring is no laughing matter. In some cases, snoring can signify blocked airways – a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea. As the air forces its way through, it creates noisy vibrations, but for patients with sleep apnea, the air may not be getting through at all. Yikes! Such lapses in breath due to blocked airways can prevent a person from ever receiving a truly restful night’s slumber, and it has been linked to more serious conditions, such as:
Lack of oxygen and lack of sleep can have serious ramifications on your health, as well as your day-to-day quality of living. Patients with sleep apnea often report excessive daytime drowsiness, inability to concentrate, and short tempers. Fortunately, treatment for sleep apnea has simplified over the years, allowing dentists to provide a safe, effective, and comfortable alternative to the traditional CPAP machine.

What is CPAP?

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, the CPAP machine delivers a constant flow of pressurized air and keeps the throat from collapsing. Although this treatment is effective, many patients find the machine cumbersome and intolerable. In fact, 70% discontinue using a CPAP machine. Oral Appliance Therapy,
an alternative to the CPAP machine, is an oral appliance that can open airways, hold the jaw forward, prevent snoring, and allow air to flow easily. Dr. Biggiani can custom-fit an oral appliance that forms to the contours of your mouth for maximum comfort and efficiency. Relief from sleep- and oxygen-deprivation can begin immediately – the first night you wear the appliance.

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